Essence of Vietnam

From the civilized cradle of wet rice in the Northern Delta to the cultural variety of the West-North, from the Northeastern borderland of the country to the Champa cultural interference in the Central region, from the new land of Southern to the blend of Khmer ethnic culture, Vietnam was known as the country of cultural essence. Essense of Vietnam is the journey through favourite lands to explore traditional cultural festivals and awake your senses by national identity.

A sophistication of Ha Noi 36 Streets

A mystery of Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

A peace of Hoi An Ancient Town

Phu Quoc - Golden land

Known as the pearl island in the southwestern of Vietnam, Phu Quoc is offered with all the aesthetic values of a tourism paradise: wonderful weather, endless white-sand beaches, blue sea water, the world of colorful marine life, mysterious mountain forests ...Ranked in the top 15 most potential tourist destinations in the world, Phu Quoc is striving vigorously with well-invested technical infrastructure, a centre for efficiently connecting with capitals of countries in the region. There are attractive privileges for foreigners that help to arouse high-class tourism potential of Southeast Asia. This place creates an attraction for domestic and foreign investors and tourists.